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18. Walking the Narrow Ridge

18. Walking the Narrow Ridge

Supporting LGBTQ+ youth & navigating gender identity policies emerging in US Catholic schools

There have been at least 40 diocesan policies on gender identity & gender-affirming care issued over the past two years by Catholic church leaders across the U.S. These policies have exposed deep rifts in some schools & communities making it challenging for parents, students, educators, and clergy to engage meaningfully in dialogue about how to support LGBTQ+ youth & families served by Catholic schools.

David Palmieri

How can we find what I call the narrow ridge along the way here that respects both the needs of the institution, but also the needs of the individual students who we are called to serve?

In this episode of Hiding in Plain Sight, I spoke with David Palmieri, a long-time Catholic school educator, who has been thinking a lot about how to accompany LGBTQ+ youth, families, educators, and clergy in this challenging moment. He offers a unique and timely perspective as a trained theologian, researcher, teacher, and parent.

I hope this interview will be useful to any student, parent, educator, or pastor who may find themselves “walking the narrow ridge” (as David describes it) as they navigate diocesan gender identity policies that have become flashpoints in some schools and parishes.

Note: Although this episode focuses on policies impacting Catholic schools, I think the themes and ideas David explores are relevant for anyone seeking to engage in dialogue around a policy or ideological viewpoint that may not align with their own values or worldview.

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Example of a policy from Portland, Oregon’s Archdiocese:

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